Dr. Bressler’s group at the University of Alberta has developed and patented the Lipid-to-Hydrocarbon (LTH) technology that converts a wide range of lipid feedstocks into platform chemicals and solvents, as well as drop-in naptha (gasoline) and distillate (diesel) fuels. The current project seeks to develop and test two technology pathways (TRL 7 by the end of the project) to produce drop-in biojet fuels as part of the LTH technology in collaboration with Profs. Luckert and Koch of the university of Alberta, CanmetENERGY Devon, and Forge Hydrocarbons Inc. our industry and commercialization partner. The project sets up advanced biofuels analytical and property testing suite.

The technology developed will target primarily the commercial aviation where the use of renewable jet fuel (biojet) is considered as one of the primary routes for reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. Additionally, since the technology will utilize waste and inedible lipid feedstock, it will provide a market for rendering industries as well as brown grease, distillers corn oil, and off grade oil seeds such as canola.

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