Research Capacity

Dr. Bressler’s laboratory at the University of Alberta is extremely well-equipped to support a variety of research projects under the umbrella of biorefining conversions and fermentations. The laboratory boasts extensive analytical capacity including GCs with an array of detectors and a GC-MS, HPLC with DAD and RID, Rapid Resolution LC, and a microplate reader. 

A major feature of the lab is a fermentation suite comprised of twelve 5L and four 10L bench-scale bioreactors and five shaking incubators. The suite is supported by a full-time technician. The lab also houses a full molecular biology suite, a custom-built pyrolysis reactor, nanomembrane bioreactor, anaerobic chamber, and microscopes with phase contrast and digital image capture capability. 

Scale-up and engineering support by the Bio-Industrial Technologies Division of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (stationed at the University of Alberta’s Agri-Food Discovery Place) also enhances the research capacity of his group.

Additional Instruments

Name Description
Smoke Point Analyzer Koehler Smoke Point Lamb. Determine the smoke point of fuels following ASTM D1322; ISO 3014; IP 57 etc.
Microwave Reactor Custom made to order. High temperature high pressure custom microwave reactor with working temperature of 500°C at 1000psi. Has two magnetrons: a 2.45GHz at 2kW and a 5.8Ghz at 700W.
Microreactor/Sandbath System GC/Clarus 690 MS/Clarus SQ8T. Gas chromatograph with single quad mass spectrometer. Set with simultaneous FID and MS data acquisition for peak identification and quantification on single runs.